Purchase of addresses
Buy commercial addresses adapted to your needs!


Organizing efficient direct mailing campaigns is never an easy task. The quality of the selected addresses is crucial for the success of a mailing campaign. The daily update of our database is therefore a formidable asset since it helps our customers avoid expensive returns to sender.
With the SWISSFIRMS Online-Shop you can select your target groups from a list of 15'000 company members of the Swiss Chambers of Commerce based on a wide range of criteria (geographical area, economic activity, number of employees, etc.).

Electronic Files

All selected addresses can be acquired electronically, after payment, by simply downloading a Text or Excel file. Their use must comply with our general conditions of sale


The prices remain the same, whether you order the addresses from SWISSFIRMS offices or from the Chambers of Commerce, or whether you place your orders online. However, if you purchase the addresses online you will not be charged the research fee. The electronic transmission of the data is free of charge. The prices below are quoted exclusive of VAT.

SWISSFIRMS members benefit from a 25% reduction for this service.

Electronic file Members Non-members
Price / address Fee Price / address Fee
the first 400 companies CHF 0.75 CHF 45.– CHF 1.00 CHF 60.–
from 401 to 1000 companies CHF 0.60 CHF 45.– CHF 0.80 CHF 60.–
as from 1001 companies CHF 0.45 CHF 45.– CHF 0.60 CHF 60.–
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Special requests

Thanks to the quality of its database, SWISSFIRMS can also offer special selections of addresses, combining more criteria, and provide the addresses on computer files (Text, Word or Excel) or in various paper formats, such as Listings or Company profiles. These products can be used to complete a library or help companies to select potential customers for advertising campaigns.

If you wish to benefit from these special services please contact us by e-mail, or call our office at tel. 0840 111 320. These special products can also be ordered from all the Swiss Chambers of Commerce.

SWISSFIRMS offers a special rate for these products, which includes CHF 60.00 research fees for every selection (CHF 45.00 for SWISSFIRMS members). The electronic transmission of the data is free of charge. Postage and packaging cost CHF 10.00 per consignment.

Listings and company profiles cannot be purchased in the online shop; they must be ordered from the SWISSFIRMS offices or the Chambers of Commerce.