Purchase of addresses
Buy commercial addresses adapted to your needs!


Selections of addresses can be delivered in various electronic formats. The prices are the same, whether the addresses are ordered from SWISSFIRMS or the Chambers of Commerce, or whether the orders are placed online with the SWISSFIRMS online shop tool. However, SWISSFIRMS does not charge research fees when the addresses are purchased online.
When handling personal data, we comply with Swiss legislation governing data protection and telecommunications. In our online shop, payments by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) are effected on the secure banking servers of our payment partner Datatrans SA. No information concerning the customer’s bank details is transmitted by the SWISSFIRMS website. The customer’s order is registered and confirmed as soon as the bank chosen by the customer has accepted the payment. Credit cards are encrypted with the SSL protocol and are never transmitted unencrypted on the internet. All the information supplied by the customer is handled with the strictest confidence and is used only for the purchase of services offered by SWISSFIRMS.
If orders are placed by calling SWISSFIRMS or the Chambers of commerce, the terms of payment are the following:
  • cash on delivery
  • payment in advance
  • payment by credit card (Visa or MasterCard)
Corporate members can also pay by invoice (payment within 30 days).
Postage and packaging cost CHF 10.– per consignment. There are no delivery fees if the products are transmitted by e-mail.

Right of withdrawal

Once customers have selected their addresses online and chosen the method of payment, the list of addresses will be available for downloading immediately or at a later date. The files will remain available on the SWISSFIRMS website for ten days. Customers will also receive a confirmation of their order by e-mail. After delivery, the customer has no right to withdraw the order.
Because of the size of the database, SWISSFIRMS cannot guarantee for the completeness or the accuracy of the information contained in the file. The information is checked by the Chambers, but not completed by them. It is the responsibility of member companies to complete their own information sheet.
However, envelopes and other documents that have been sent back by the postal services because of incorrect addresses can be forwarded to their source (either SWISSFIRMS or the Chamber of Commerce concerned). As a refund, customers will then receive a voucher to be used for their next purchase of addresses. To guarantee a refund, incorrect addresses must be returned within 30 days following the delivery.
It is strictly forbidden to distribute, copy or resale information from the SWISSFIRMS database.
In accordance with article 3(1)(o) of the Swiss Federal Law against unfair competition, the use of e-mail addresses of the SWISSFIRMS database for bulk advertising is not permitted, since prior consent of the recipients is required. In case of non-compliance with this rule, SWISSFIRMS reserves the right to stop selling addresses to senders of bulk e-mail advertising.
Download: General conditions (PDF)