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To become a SWISSFIRMS member, your company has to be member of a Swiss Chamber of commerce. The conditions for membership vary depending on the canton (or region) in which your company has its headquarters. The conditions are determined by the type of partnership that exists between SWISSFIRMS and the Chamber of Commerce of the region concerned.


Company portrait

The SWISSFIRMS database contains information on 15'000 Swiss companies that are all members of a Swiss Chamber of Commerce. Every company has its own entry, comprising the company's address and contact details, a list of members of the management, turnover figures and the company's areas of business.
As a member of SWISSFIRMS you are automatically included in our database.
We attach particular importance to the quality of the data, which are supplied and regularly updated by the Swiss Chambers of Commerce. In terms of size and reliability of the available data, the SWISSFIRMS database is unique in Switzerland. SWISSFIRMS is an essential source of information for business activities and a valuable tool for the assessment of business risks.
Use of the SWISSFIRMS search engine is free of charge. All users can search the database for business addresses online and also purchase addresses from our Online-Shop.
Members of SWISSFIRMS save 25% on this service.

» Identification numbers
SWISSFIRMS ID : every company that is a member of a Swiss Chamber of Commerce has its own identification number, which is indicated at the top of the company’s SWISSFIRMS entry.

Commercial Registry No. : companies that are registered at the Commercial Registry Office of their canton also have an identification number, which is indicated on the SWISSFIRMS entry at the end of the list under the heading « Characteristics ». It provides direct access to the information on the Zefix database.

Crefo No. : this numeric code is issued by the company Creditreform. The Crefo number also appears on the SWISSFIRMS entry at the end of the list under the heading « Characteristics ». It provides direct access to the information on the Creditreform database.

D&B D-U-N-S Number®: Issued by the company Dun&Bradstreet (D&B),  the D-U-N-S® number is a unique nine-digit identification sequence that ensures the correct identification of every company and helps to present company structures on a national and international level. By clicking on the company’s D-U-N-S® number, you can directly access the information on the D&B database.


Give your company more visibility on SWISSFIRMS with a banner or an option - First or Logo.


Your advantage: more visibility
Invite SWISSFIRMS users to visit your website and attract potential customers to your company. 
First offers you two ways to obtain a higher profile in the SWISSFIRMS data base:
  • a pole position: First offers you preferential treatment: your company will always appear in the top half of the result list after a search operation in our database;
  • a colourful addition to your company portrait: ask us to activate your company logo and up to 10 pictures (products, premises, board,...) on your SWISSFIRMS entry.


Your advantage : a better corporate image
Show your colours ! Add your logo and up to 10 pictures (products, premises, board,...).
With your logo you enhance your company's image and give internet users a first insight into your activities.
If you want to contact directly the other SWISSFIRMS members, you also have the possibility to buy addresses from the database.


First Option:         Fr. 300.- / year (VAT excluded)
Logo Option:        Fr. 100.- / year (VAT excluded)
A subscription to a SWISSFIRMS option is valid for a minimum of one year: the subscription is automatically renewed at the end of the year, unless it is cancelled in writing at least one month before the expiry date. The service is billed by SWISSFIRMS Data SA. If a company cancels its membership with a Chamber of Commerce, the SWISSFIRMS option is also considered to be cancelled as per the end of the year. Customers can subscribe to several options simultaneously, which can be especially advantageous for companies with affiliates. SWISSFIRMS offers reductions in cases where the billing address is the same for all orders


If you are interested in this product, please fill in the order form, sign it and return it to us per mail or fax. Please also send us your company logo, in a GIF or JPEG format, 80 x 200 pixels max., and pictures, in a GIF or JPEG format, 800 x 600 pixels max., by e-mail to info@swissfirms.ch.
All the prices are VAT excluded


SWISSFIRMS offers its members exclusive services. Products and services provided by its partners are available at favourable rates. In addition, members can benefit from a wide range of special reductions involving business information services, advertising and internet applications.
  • Your advantage: 25% reduction on the purchase of our addresses
    You can search and purchase reliable addresses online, for successful mailings to target groups and potential customers.
  • Internet discounts
    Your advantage: 10% reduction per year
    You can benefit from a 10% discount on powerful internet connection in ADSL or SDSL, on domain names and on VTX hosting solutions.
  • Credit assessments
    Your advantage: 20% reduction on credit assessments
    SWISSFIRMS members have a 20% reduction on all credit assessments provided by Creditreform.