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With the SWISSFIRMS search engine, customers can select addresses using a combination of several criteria. SWISSFIRMS can thus provide lists of companies offering a global overview of certain sectors of the economy or industry, specific areas of expertise or clearly defined market segments.

Each company fact sheet offers detailed information on the activities and structures of the companies selected.

Please note that with certain SWISSFIRMS entries not all fields have been filled in. So the results of your search may not be exhaustive.

Limited use of the results
The search engine will produce a list of at most 100 items, to prevent an «unauthorized» use of the addresses for mass mailings.

Larger selections of addresses may be ordered online, at very competitive rates, and in ready-to-use formats.

Criteria for a refined search
Some criteria – as for example the choice of canton – are self-explanatory. Others require a good understanding of the concepts and search possibilities.

Each company in the data base has its own identification number. A search based on this criterion will therefore provide only one result. The company's identification number can be found on the SWISSFIRMS fact sheet.

NOGA field of activity
The search by NOGA field of activity is based on the official nomenclature which was set up by the Federal Office of Statistics in 2008 for a census of all companies in Switzerland. The NOGA classification is based on a numeric code, compatible with classification systems used on an international level.

Very detailed and complex, the NOGA nomenclature is essential for the promotion of Swiss companies abroad, as it is based on a reference that is recognized and used worldwide.

The search for subcontractors is based on a classification system developed by SWISSFIRMS. It has two levels:
  • the first level represents the various sectors of the economy, i.e. the same divisions as those used by the official NOGA nomenclature;
  • The second level represents the subcontracting services connected with a particular sector of the economy.

With this criterion, customers can:
  • select companies based on their ability to perform subcontracting services for other companies;
  • select companies that have the free capacity to offer additional services, packaging services in the food industry, for example.

The search option cannot be used to list those companies that employ subcontractors.

Domains of use (target markets)
The search for specific domains of use is based on a nomenclature developed by SWISSFIRMS. It includes about fifty headings on one level.
With this criterion, customers can search for companies according to the sector of the economy in which they market their products and services.
Example: « cars » for companies that focus on that market.

Products / services
When searching for company addresses according to «Products/services», customers can enter any keywords of their choice that refer to products and services, trademarks or any other information that enables them to narrow down the NOGA field of activity or to search for an activity that is not included in the NOGA nomenclature (mechanical engineering, automatic machines, etc.).
Example: « Human resources » (to clarify "business and management consulting" NOGA code 74.14)

When using the search criterion « Know-how/equipment », customers can enter keywords referring to a professional skill or particular area of expertise or infrastructures.
Example: « CNC » or « fire »

Quality certification
With the search criterion « Certification » customers select company addresses according to specific quality certifications, by entering the appropriate keywords.
Example: « ISO 9001:2000 »

This criterion enables you to search exclusively for exporting companies.